Middlesex County is the largest county in Massachusetts.  It is comprised of 54 urban, suburban and rural communities sprawling across 847 square miles westand northwest of Boston. Middlesex County is a racially, ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse region that is home to over 320,000 children under the age of eighteen.

In an effort to accommodate the children and families in all of our communities, the Middlesex District Attorney's Office, in conjunction with the Middlesex CAC, operates three permanent child-friendly interviewing sites located in Woburn, Lowell and Framingham. Each of these locations is equipped with an interview room with a one-way mirror and attached observation room from which other team members can view and record the interview. For families who are unable to travel to one of our permanent sites, the team will use other interviewing sites located in police stations, DCF Area Offices, and other CACs.


Middlesex Children's Advocacy Center
Middlesex District Attorney's Office
Child Protection Unit
15 Commonwealth Avenue
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